Timepieces by Plantwear have won the hearts of fans in Poland and abroad. Their wooden models are small works of art, as they are created from a combination of noble, natural material and high-quality watch components. Get to know Plantwear and its wooden watches!

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The Plantwear brand is currently one of the best proposals for lovers of ecological lifestyle. Plantwear watches made of wood fit perfectly into modern trends in ecology and the use of biodegradable materials. At the same time, they look as exclusive as traditional watches.

Plantwear watches - the beginnings of business

Plantwear is a Polish company that makes watches and various accessories from wood, which is a biodegradable material. Since there are no two identical pieces of wood, everyone can have a completely individual and unique timepiece.

Why should you choose a Plantwear watch?

One of the undoubted advantages of Plantwear watches is their focus on environmental protection. Firstly, little wood is used to make cases and bracelets and secondly, wood is a biodegradable material. What’s more, the Plantwear brand is involved in environmental campaigns and plants 50 trees every month. Another reason for choosing Plantwear watches is for its manufacturing process as woodworking is less harmful to the environment than chemical treatment of stainless steel. In addition, steel isn’t a recyclable material, and that is why a watch made of stainless steel will end up in the dustbin sooner or later. Plantwear watches, on the other hand, are biodegradable, so that at some point they will decay naturally without any special scientific treatment. In other words, they can be thrown away without causing pollution.

Which Plantwear watches to choose?

The manufacturer’s offer includes a number of different collections, which will surely satisfy every user. One of the main lines is Plantwear Select that features a modern sporty design. Surprisingly, in this collection the bracelet is also made of wood. Chronographs placed on the dial can be used to measure elapsed time, e.g. for the distance travelled, while the contrasting colours give the watches a unique character.

Ladies will be pleased with the Plantwear Lark Slim collection. The pastel colours and minimalist character of these models combine perfectly with modern, especially summer, urban outfits. The leather strap is also very well crafted. Comfort and a fantastic casual style are the main features of this collection.

If you are fond of eco style and try to choose products that aren’t harmful to the environment, Plantwear watches are definitely something for you. Don’t wait, order them now and see for yourself how perfectly the style of these watches suits you!

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Plantwear watches available in our store come from licensed distributors that were authorised by the manufacturer. That is why their authenticity is guaranteed. Buy Plantwear models in-store or online.