Epos is one of the most recognisable Swiss brands, which for many is synonymous with precision, beauty and reliability. The Swiss company systematically strengthens its position on the world market of luxury watches offering very high quality timepieces at reasonable and affordable prices.

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Ceasuri Epos


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    Ceas Barbatesc Epos Originale Automatic Ceas Barbatesc Epos Originale Automatic
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    6.761,00 RON 5.071,00 RON

    Epos Originale Automatic 3420.

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  8. Înfășurător de ceasuri WOLF
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    Ceas Barbatesc Epos Passion Automatic Ceas Barbatesc Epos Passion Automatic
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    5.839,00 RON 4.379,00 RON

    Epos Passion Automatic 3402.

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    Ceas Dama Epos Ladies Diamonds Automatic Ceas Dama Epos Ladies Diamonds Automatic
    Livrare gratuită 24H
    6.454,00 RON 4.840,00 RON

    Epos Ladies Diamonds Automatic 4426.

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    Ceas Dama Epos Ladies Diamonds Automatic Ceas Dama Epos Ladies Diamonds Automatic
    Livrare gratuită 24H
    7.068,00 RON 5.301,00 RON

    Epos Ladies Diamonds Automatic 4426.

    Livrare gratuită 24H
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    Ceas Barbatesc Epos Sportive Automatic Ceas Barbatesc Epos Sportive Automatic
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    4.718,00 RON 3.538,00 RON

    Epos Sportive Automatic 3411.

    Livrare gratuită 24H
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For years, the Epos brand has been a symbol of the best Swiss watchmaking traditions of the world-famous Vallée de Joux region. In this area real works of art that appeal to the most demanding customers are created. Handmade models, whose elements are of the highest quality are the most important for Epos. Get to know Epos, one of the most recognisable Swiss brands.

Epos - brand history

The roots of the brand date back to 1925, when James Aubert set up his own company, Fabrication de Mécanismes Chronographes in Valle de Joux, well known as the center of the Swiss watchmaking. From the very beginning, the founder of the company placed emphasis on handcrafted watches which will not only be pleasing to the eye but will also have excellent movements. The brand has quickly gained respect in the watch industry and among ardent fans.

The Epos brand strongly believes that people, through the work of their hands, can create something perfect that will serve others for years. The company slogan is “Artistry in watchmaking”, which perfectly reflects the most important goals of the brand. The secret of the Epos brand is that it has remained unchanged for years and that it has the best specialists in the field of watchmaking.

Watch movement: Landeron 48

James Aubert wasn’t just the founder of the Epos brand. He was a visionary who created his models for future generations. The watchmaking industry owes a lot to him, for example a repeater. This isn’t the only one of his breakthrough designs. James Aubert is also a co-creator of the Landeron movement, including the popular and still valued Landeron 48. As you can see, he was a Renaissance man, thanks to whom the fate of the watchmaking industry has changed.

Epos - timeless men’s watches

The brand’s offer includes mainly men’s models. Among the most interesting collections is Originale, as it offers watches equipped with top quality elements. Models from this collection are made of stainless steel and are fastened with leather straps or fashionable bracelets of high quality. Moreover, models from this line feature a skeleton dial, which shows the beautifully decorated automatic movement. That is why these watches should be definitely considered when deciding on the purchase of a watch.

For sports enthusiasts, the Sportive line was designed, which impresses with its modern style and useful functions. The models from the Sportive Diver collection are addressed to fans of water sports. They feature a high level of water resistance and are equipped with a practical date display, a screw-down crown, a ceramic, rotating bezel, as well as an automatic helium escape valve and a Super-LumiNova coating. That is why the brand’s offer will satisfy every athlete.

For men looking for watches with a timeless look the Emotion and Passion collections will be the perfect choice. These lines offer models with a useful date display, chronograph and stopwatch. They are maintained in a very classic style and will be suitable for both elegant and everyday outfits.

Classic watchmaking by Epos

When even the most prestigious brands manufacture their watches on production lines, the Epos brand, as one of the few manufacturers on the market, still offers timepieces created and decorated by hand by professional, highly qualified watchmakers. Buy an Epos model today to enjoy its beauty for years.