History of Swiss brand Delbana started in early 20s. The founder of this company, Goliardo Della Balda, wanted to have an exquisite watch, which seemed luxurious to him at the time. He decided to produce it himself and that is why he started his own business. The name “Delbana” obviously refers to the name of its owner.

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Ceasuri Delbana


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    Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Locarno Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Locarno
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    1.587,00 RON 1.079,00 RON

    Delbana Locarno 53601.714.6.032

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    Ceas Dama Delbana Scala Ceas Dama Delbana Scala
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    1.228,00 RON 1.105,00 RON

    Delbana Scala 41711.609.1.510

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    Ceas Dama Delbana Sevilla Ceas Dama Delbana Sevilla
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    1.331,00 RON 1.198,00 RON

    Delbana Sevilla 52711.619.1.565

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    Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Barcelona Chronograph Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Barcelona Chronograph
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    1.792,00 RON 1.612,00 RON

    Delbana Barcelona Chronograph 41602.674.6.061

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    Ceas Dama Delbana Capri Ceas Dama Delbana Capri
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    1.126,00 RON 1.013,00 RON

    Delbana Capri 41701.587.1.031

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    Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Barcelona Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Barcelona
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    1.638,00 RON 1.474,00 RON

    Delbana Barcelona 41601.674.6.051

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    Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Ancona Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Ancona
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    1.257,00 RON 1.131,00 RON

    Delbana Ancona 52702.360.6.061

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    Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Ascot Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Ascot
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    2.096,00 RON 1.509,00 RON

    Delbana Ascot 41601.666.6.031

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    Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Retro Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Retro
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    1.363,00 RON 1.090,00 RON

    Delbana Retro 41601.622.6.044

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  13. Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Manhattan Ceas Barbatesc Delbana Manhattan
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    2.457,00 RON

    Delbana Manhattan 44501.578.6.034

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At the beginning, the company was producing only pocket watches, which were assembled on the spot. Prominent passion and care for details made Delbana highly appreciated by its customers. Manufactory quickly expanded and started distribution in South America.

Delbana watches made specially for elegant men

Delbana watches for men are perfect for those who value elegant and classical style. Straps made of genuine leather and steel bracelets make those watches look stylish and tastefully. Quartz movements, powered by an easily removable battery, work precisely and accurately. They are located inside the steel, high-quality cases in the shades of gold or silver. Dials are covered by sapphire crystals, which are known for high scratch resistance.

Delbana men’s watches are available in various, but mostly classic colors. On their dials we can find many helpful functions, like date display, chronograph or a moon phase indicator. Additionally, water resistance reaches to 10 ATM, which allows to freely swim in the watch.

Beauty and grace - Delbana watches for women

Delbana women’s watches will be a perfect addition to an elegant outfit. Due to unique glow, provided by gold and silver color, those models can easily substitute any other jewelry pieces. Many of Delbana women’s watches are embellished with charming crystals. Models are characterized by unrepeatable gracefulness, eye-catching designs and beautiful adornments.

Choose your favorite Delbana watch from Switzerland!

In the brand’s offer we can find many various series. The most popular are: Delbana Retro, Delbana Fiorentino, Delbana Imola and Delbana Manhattan. Watchard.com is an authorized online store with original watches. All Delbana watches on our website are sold with a warranty and original packaging.

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