The creation of the most valued manufactures was usually triggered by a unique vision and individual approach to watch production. It was no different for CT Scuderia, the brand whose greatest inspiration was Ariodante Margaritelli, a dedicated Italian watchmaker, who created highly technical precision watch instruments for the Military during World War I and II. CT Scuderia focuses on the production of high-class devices, whose style refers to the elite world of Café Racer, while the equipment and construction is the legacy of the owner’s grandfather, Ariodante Margaritelli.

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Ceasuri Ct Scuderia

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Some of the brands are founded by 19th century watchmakers, others are inspired by them. This was the case with the CT Scuderia brand, which was founded by an experienced watchmaker, an associate of such companies as Fossil and Emporio Armani. Enrico Margaritelli decided to start his own career as an individual watchmaker inspired by his grandfather, also a watchmaker.

CT Scuderia watches - Passion for sport and watchmaking

CT Scuderia watches are the result of a great fascination with watchmaking. The brand has a good reason to reach higher and constantly enrich its offer.

All CT Scuderia watches feature a sporty, dynamic look that is a reference to fast cars and exciting races. That is why they will be perfect for anyone who finds themselves in the world of motoring and does not hesitate to reach high speed to achieve their goals.

Choose CT Scuderia watches now and see if they suit your style. Get in the car and show you’re cut out for driving.

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