The history of the Grovana brand dates back to 1924. The company has quickly gained a group of satisfied customers. The secret of the brand are products of top quality and elegant design that will never go out of fashion. The Grovana watches are equipped with a high-end sapphire crystal and that is why they are an investment for years.

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    Ceas Barbatesc Grovana Traditional Moonphase Ceas Barbatesc Grovana Traditional Moonphase
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    Grovana Traditional Moonphase GV1711.1537

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  2. Ceas Barbatesc Grovana Classic Ceas Barbatesc Grovana Classic
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    Grovana Classic GV1230.1133

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Grovana is a Swiss watch brand. It is famous for its long tradition and independence. The priority in the production of each watch is the highest possible quality of workmanship as well as an impeccable and elegant look. Every single watch is assembled by hand in Grovana workshops and is equipped with a sapphire crystal, which has 9 out of 10 possible points on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Grovana watches are water-resistant models.

Grovana and its uninterrupted tradition

Grovana is a company with a long tradition. It was founded in 1924 in Switzerland under the name Hans Groffin AG. Since the beginning of its existence, the company has put great emphasis on the quality of timepieces and on an elegant and chic character. In 1970 Werner Bitterli took over the company and changed its name to Grovana, under which the brand has been operating until today. The key date for the company is 1990, when Grovana entered the new markets of Eastern Europe. The products quickly gained a group of devoted supporters and the brand itself became synonymous with prestige and precision of Swiss watchmaking. In 2014 the company celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Grovana - Swiss craftsmanship

Grovana is a brand that has maintained the same values since its foundation. The company has been independent on the watch market for over 90 years. Each of the models is assembled by hand at the company’s headquarters located near Basel in Switzerland. The highest quality materials are used to manufacture the watches. Each of them is water-resistant and is equipped with a sapphire crystal that provides protection against scratches. Thanks to many years of tradition and extraordinary precision of workmanship, Grovana is considered to be a company which has made Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship famous all over the world. Grovana timepieces ideally combine elegant character, classic design and versatility, being a great choice for both everyday use and more formal occasions.

It is worth considering several Grovana lines:

Traditional - this line refers to the first timepieces manufactured by Grovana. It is characterised by great diversity. Grovana Traditional watches are fastened with bracelets made of the highest quality stainless steel or straps made of authentic leather, which don’t cause abrasions or allergies. Their dials are covered with a sapphire crystal, which guarantees effective protection against scratches.

Dressline - a line of women’s timepieces with an original and eye-catching look. The original yet elegant design makes each model a great accessory to any formal outfit.

Lifestyle - this is another line dedicated to women. As the name suggests, these watches will be suitable for everyday clothes rather than formal occasions. Grovana Lifestyle is a great proposal for women who are looking for original timepieces of high quality.

Official Grovana Retailer - Authorised Store - Distribution

Grovana watches available in our store come from licensed distributors that were authorised by the manufacturer. That is why their authenticity is guaranteed. You can buy Grovana models in-store or online.