We have been enjoying Laco watches for almost 100 years. It is a company with a tradition that is constantly looking for new solutions to satisfy its demanding customers. The brand has been a distributor of its products to German pilots for many years. That is why we can be sure of the good quality of Laco watches. Additionally, every watch user will appreciate the timeless design and use of modern quartz movements.

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  2. Ceas Barbatesc Laco Genf.2 Ceas Barbatesc Laco Genf.2
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    Laco Genf.2 LA-861807.2 (861807.2)

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  3. Ceas Barbatesc Laco Bremerhaven Ceas Barbatesc Laco Bremerhaven
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    Laco Bremerhaven LA-862105 (862105)

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The German brand has been present on the watchmaking market for nearly 100 years. Its beginnings date back to the 1920s. It was then that the German company Lacher & Co., founded by Ludwig Hummel and Frieda Lacher, created the Laco brand (the name is derived from the contraction of Lacher & Company). The company began to specialise in the production of widely available mechanical watches with above-average quality and precision. Thanks to this, Laco watches were gaining in popularity until the outbreak of World War II.

Airborne history of Laco watches

In the 1930s and 1940s, during the war, Laco began manufacturing a special collection of timepieces designed for pilots, also known as air watches and observer watches. Such timepieces were equipped with the highest quality movements of Durowe and very legible dials, designed in accordance with the strict recommendations of the official specification. The watches were supposed to facilitate navigation and demonstrate reliability. Only five German watch manufacturers could produce military aircraft watches at that time, including Lacher Co.

Choose the best in Laco watches

Over the years, Laco has consistently surprised users with the best solutions and high quality of its products. We can admire the unique design and style of its watches till now. Some Laco watches still have a reliable mechanical or automatic drive system. For the convenience of users, however, the watches are also equipped with Swiss quartz movements. For several years now, the Laco brand has been reminding the world of its exceptional timepieces, introducing new collections of air watches, which are as great as its classic models in terms of the design and appearance.

Some of the Laco watches manufactured nowadays are equipped with an analogue stopwatch - chronograph (Chronograph collection), perfectly integrated into the classic style of a watch. Watch lovers admire the watches of this brand for timeless design, strong leather straps, sometimes made with rivets (Pilot watches) and aesthetic dials. All these features make future generations reach for classic products of this German manufacturer. Laco watches are a proposition for those who value traditional solutions and high quality of workmanship. 

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