The Casio brand has become famous for its incredibly popular Casio G-Shock watches, which won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users from around the world. The manufacturers, however, haven’t forgotten about women and have created women’s counterparts to Casio G-Shock timepieces, namely Casio Baby-G watches. These watches have the same diverse functions, but feature more subdued designs and colours, which perfectly match women’s style.

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Ceasuri Casio Baby-G


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  4. Ceas Dama Baby-G Sport Ceas Dama Baby-G Sport
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    433,00 RON

    Baby-G Sport BGD-560-7ER

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  5. Ceas Dama Baby-G Urban Ceas Dama Baby-G Urban
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    609,00 RON

    Baby-G Urban BA-130-1AER

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    Ceas Dama Baby-G Casio Design Ceas Dama Baby-G Casio Design
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    666,00 RON 466,00 RON

    Baby-G Casio Design BA-110-7A3ER

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  8. -33%
    Ceas Dama Baby-G Casio Design Ceas Dama Baby-G Casio Design
    Livrare gratuită 24H
    584,00 RON 389,00 RON

    Baby-G Casio Design BA-112-1AER

    Livrare gratuită 24H
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The Casio Baby-G collection is a variation of the popular G-Shock collection designed for active women. A large selection of multi-coloured watches equipped with a number of useful functions when doing sport makes this collection an excellent choice for those who look for a watch for training and everyday activities. Casio Baby-G was founded in 1995 as a response to the growing interest in the extremely durable G-Shock collection targeted primarily at active men. G-Shock, which was originally an avant-garde collection designed to survive in even the harshest conditions, has become over the years a popular collection, used not only as a gadget for sports or extreme challenges, but also as an original accessory to everyday outfits. The new colourful models and styles were appreciated especially by women. That is why the brand decided to create Casio Baby-G watches for ladies, which are characterised by smaller size and more varied style than G-Shock watches.

The extraordinary durability of Casio Baby-G watches

Each Casio Baby-G model is both shock- and water-resistant. That is why it is perfect for running, swimming, exercising or dancing. The cases and straps of most models are made of high quality plastic, which is very durable and resistant, and therefore works well in difficult conditions. The colourful, silicone straps available in this collection fit perfectly a female wrist and do not cause abrasions. Comfortable buckles are also important as they prevent the strap from being unfastened accidentally.

Baby-G watches offer numerous opportunities for active women

The Casio Baby-G collection is all about functionality. Most of the products available in this collection have a built-in stopwatch measuring time with an accuracy of 1/100 sec., making it much easier to measure time during everyday physical activities. The watches are often also equipped with an alarm with a snooze function, a timer, a date indicator, a 24-hour time format and a world clock. The latter is a particularly useful function when travelling between time zones. Thanks to the use of LED backlighting in almost every model, you will read time in all conditions. Moreover, due to the original colours and modern shapes of the watches, many women combine watches from this collection with everyday outfits. Although Casio Baby-G offers a whole range of colours, vivid, energetic and eye-catching shades dominate in this collection. Models from the Denim series are a very interesting proposition in terms of appearance as their cases and stripes are maintained in a denim style.

A G-Shock watch - a female equivalent of the popular sports watch

The only difference between women’s G-Shock models and the original G-Shock collection lies in design. Casio Baby-G models have the same functions as G-Shock watches, so both collections are equally reliable. Therefore, both men and women can enjoy the advanced features of Casio.

Of course, the manufacturer’s offer also includes the most desired G-Shock women’s watches in white colour. The models in this colour have always been popular among women’s G-Shock watches. They are a top seller every year.