Adidas is a brand with almost 100 years of tradition. It is the leader among the companies producing sports products. What is the secret of the brand? The company focuses on a continuous development of its assortment. Not giving in to compromises is the motto of the brand. That is why we can enjoy not only Adidas clothes, shoes and sports equipment, but also Adidas watches. Products share common features, namely minimalism, diverse colours and innovative technologies.

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Ceasuri Adidas Originals


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    Ceas Barbatesc adidas Originals District Ceas Barbatesc adidas Originals District
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    adidas Originals District Z12-2548

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    Ceas Barbatesc adidas Originals District M1 Ceas Barbatesc adidas Originals District M1
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    adidas Originals District M1 Z04-1920

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Adidas has been an integral part of the world of sport in all disciplines for over 80 years. The offer of the brand includes sports shoes, clothes and sports equipment that uses new technologies. The Adidas Group is the global leader in sports products, offering a wide range of goods available worldwide. Adidas Originals is at the forefront as one of the world’s most recognised sports brands of a unique lifestyle. Adidas has its own design direction. To be more precise, the brand focuses on fashion and represents a fanciful approach to classic features. Its style can’t be found anywhere else.

Adidas Originals watches - diversified design

The Adidas Originals brand offers a variety of watch designs that are considered modern trends. This doesn’t mean, however, that the brand doesn’t create new patterns. On the contrary, it is the unquestionable leader in creating innovative stylistic solutions. The design of a large part of the Adidas models available in the manufacturer’s offer responds to the trend of minimalism, but is based on vivid and dynamic colours.

High precision in watches by Adidas Originals

Adidas watches can boast a long-standing tradition. The brand offers top quality quartz movements, which ensure high accuracy in timekeeping.

Adidas Originals watches - choose your series!

Our store offers several lines of Adidas watches. Adidas District is distinguished by minimalism of analogue watches that hasn’t been applied by this brand before. The dials are surrounded only by indices and, in some cases, a characteristic ring. Another line is Adidas Archive. This collection includes electronic watches with an original design and easy-to-read dials, similar to models known from the 1980s. The Adidas Process line, on the other hand, is characterised by an unusual shape of a case that is similar to analogue watches from thirty to forty years ago. The variety of colours, however, gives the watches rave-style features. As a result the line perfectly combines modernity with the golden age of quartz watches.

Watches by Adidas Originals are aimed primarily at young people who affirm life and love to have fun in style.

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