Do you like the quality of Swiss watches and the British style? If so, Charles BowTie is the answer to your needs. Founded in 2017, the brand is the quintessence of sophisticated style and top quality. Check out which of the watches best accentuates your style.

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Ceasuri Charles Bowtie

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Swiss watches are the best made models available on the market and when combined with the unique British style, they become a real find for every fan of watchmaking. Discover the Charles BowTie brand and check out its unique design and finish.

Charles BowTie - brand history

The history of the Charles BowTie brand isn’t long, but very interesting. Eric Loth, the founder of the brand, was then already known in the watch industry. He worked with such well-known companies as Graham and Alex Benlo, of which he was a co-founder. However, he has always looked for his own path in his career and therefore decided to create the Charles BowTie brand in 2017. Although the brand has been founded recently, even the greatest watch experts will love it.

What distinguishes Charles BowTie watches from others?

Charles BowTie watches are a real masterpiece. It’s noticeable at first glance when looking at the dial as it features an interesting colour combination which attracts everyone’s attention. Each model also comes with a fancy bow tie that will add class to any man. This is a British sense of luxury of the highest class. Cases made of the best materials and exchangeable straps (made of NATO material), are a tribute to Swiss precision and finish, which completely changes the perception of a given model. Since each watch suits every occasion, it is multifunctional. What distinguishes the Charles BowTie brand from others? The company founder Eric Loth summarised it best. He said that Charles BowTie watches would enhance one’s sense of nobility and provide an inexpensive entry into the world of luxury.

Charles BowTie watches - an overview of the most interesting collections

Charles BowTie watches are versatile in terms of style and finish, and that is why most models can be worn by both men and women. Choose the model you like most, regardless of gender!

The Roundel collection is pretty extravagant. Models from this line are casual in style thanks to an imaginative case in the form of colourful circles. They are fastened with NATO straps made of fabric, so they are very durable in everyday use. Accentuate your original style with Charles BowTie Roundel watches!

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